Cuffs and Cocktail Rings Took Over New York Fashion Week This Year

Jennifer Lawrence sporting an ear cuff

Statement pieces are big this year all over the fashion and jewelry world. From Kenneth Cole and Tome to Mara Hoffman, Rachel Roy, and Vivienne Westwood, all of the most exciting and innovative fashion designers in the industry were making room for big cuff bracelets, cocktail rings, and statement earrings. 

From studded leather cuffs with feminine accents to precious metal wire cuffs woven into chunky geometric designs and more traditionally femme gemstone and gold or silver bangle cuffs, they’re everywhere. And everyone is wearing them. We’ve seen cuff bracelets on Emma Watson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Aisha Tyler, Queen Latifah, and many more. 

Bracelets aren’t the only cuffs we’re seeing everywhere right now either. Ear cuffs are making a big comeback right now, too. We’ve seen Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Dormer, Jennifer Connelly, Rita Ora, and Emma Watson sporting updated and glamorous versions of this favorite accessory from the ‘90s. 

Naomi Watts matched her nails to her ring for a stunning effect at SAG Awards 

Of course, then, you can’t forget the cocktail rings that we saw all over New York Fashion Week and that we’re now seeing on the red carpet and on the street, too. While you might not want to throw them all on at once, all of these pieces can work with both formal and casual wear. 

A bejeweled full-ear cuff can add a dramatic flair to a little black dress and a pair of stylish heels. You can also wear it with a denim jacket and skinny jeans or a mini skirt and leggings for a more dressed-down look. Cuff bracelets and statement rings dress up jeans and a T-shirt just as well as they add the perfect sparkle and shine to a formal gown. Whenever your wardrobe needs a little something extra, one of these statement pieces is the perfect accessory.