Gorgeous Engagement Ring Trends for 2015

Finding the perfect engagement ring might seem easy enough…until you actually start shopping. How can you choose between all of the classic and contemporary styles? Which cuts and designs will stand the test of time, and which are just passing fads? While some new trends are clearly passing, others are timeless pieces that she’ll love wearing for the rest of her life. Here are three of our picks for 2015 engagement ring trends that will look stunning a day, a year, or a lifetime from now.


Split Shanks and Double Rows


We’re seeing a lot of split-shank or double-row rings for the coming year. Some give the illusion of wearing two rings at once. Others simply increase the amount of real estate for seed diamonds and side diamonds to sparkle and set off the center stone. These gorgeous rings come in both bold and understated designs, depending on her personal style.


Halo Rings


As seen on the fingers of such A-list celebrities as Natalie Portman and Jessica Biel, the halo ring is a gorgeous heirloom-inspired design. This style of ring sets a halo of side diamonds and/or filigree around a center stone, which could be a diamond or any other precious gemstone her heart desires. The setting makes the center stone look larger and more dazzling than it would on its own, and there’s a lot of room for creativity and personality in this kind of design.


Non-Traditional Gemstones


Finally, we absolutely love how so many women are embracing different gemstones for their engagement rings. Halle Berry’s been seen sporting a gorgeous emerald engagement ring, while Elizabeth Hurley and Kate Middleton went with dark blue, sparkling sapphires. We’ll probably be seeing a lot of birthstone and other fine gemstone engagement rings in the coming year.


Whether you choose a ring with a split shank, a halo ring, and/or a non-traditional gemstone, you’ll be sure to thrill her with any of these trending engagement rings. 

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