How to Choose the Perfect Necklace for Any Ensemble

Statement earrings may be taking center stage in the jewelry world right now, but we still love a good necklace. Whether you’re picking something subtle and understated to go with a pair of the aforementioned party earrings or you’re looking for something to stand on its own as a solitary accessory, you’re going to need to pay attention to the cut of your dress or blouse. 

As you may have figured out, not all necklaces work with every neckline. If you’re wearing a top with a sweetheart or deep-V neckline, for example, long chains and pendants can tend to disappear under the neckline, drawing the eye awkwardly (rather than alluringly) to the bust line. So, first of all, when choosing a necklace, try it on with your top or dress to make sure that it doesn’t do an awkward disappearing act.

With collared and button-down tops, choose a short-chained pendant or a choker. Chokers are also flattering with strapless tops and gowns. For halter tops, go with a slender pendant that doesn’t compete with the straps of your blouse or dress. Pair a square neck line with a square or rectangular cut gemstone necklace, and always pair a scoop neck with pendants. For a boat neck, long strands of beads that hang down to your midriff make great statement accessories.

If you’re wearing something like an off-the-shoulder or one-sleeve dress, choose either an asymmetric necklace or a pair of chunky earrings instead. Likewise, with cowl necks, you’ll do better with statement earrings than with a necklace, as necklaces tend to get lost in the folds of the fabric.

If you’re looking for a necklace you don’t have to think twice about, though, a delicate chain with a single gemstone that hangs just at your clavicle will work for almost any neckline and won’t compete with your earrings, either.